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2 new projects :)

2013-08-02 23:14:34 by liljchosen

Just finished a new project that I will be uploading tomorrow. It's made into a hip hop beat sorta but with a touch of fantasy. I made another version of it without kicks and it's more "game time" feeling. Keep a look out!

Things have just been pretty rough lately. Girlfriend moving across the world without a choice, trying to get set for college, building on my new house, and much more. Things are looking up and down, but once I'm stable once more, i will have more music up for everyone's enjoyment. Keep a lookout! :)

2 new songs :)

2013-07-10 14:08:59 by liljchosen

Im uploading a rap and R&B version of my new song Help Me! It talks about how difficult my life currently is. Check 'em out!

About to drop another hit!

2013-07-01 04:20:03 by liljchosen

I'll soon be posting my next original within this next week. Gettin a bit tied up with college stuff, but i gonna make time :)

My Houkai Suru Yakata remix from xxxHolic is here!

2013-06-25 08:28:28 by liljchosen

After a nice long morning of work on this instrumental, I've finally uploaded it! Tell me what you guys think! :)

My Next Project

2013-06-25 05:46:49 by liljchosen

So ive decided that my next project was gonna be a hip hop remix of the "Houkai Suru Yakata" theme from xxxHolic. So far its sounding good. Will post it up as soon as its done!

Learned some new things

2013-06-22 10:05:20 by liljchosen

So i've learned some new things and I'm going to be posting alot more music now. I feel as if i've opened up a new world in my brain! :D

Getting Restarted

2010-08-03 06:55:39 by liljchosen

Im finally getting restarted on newgrounds with all of my content. I have progressed in my abilities to music and games. I look forward to posting some impressive content and hearing from the public.