2 new songs :)

2013-07-10 14:08:59 by liljchosen

Im uploading a rap and R&B version of my new song Help Me! It talks about how difficult my life currently is. Check 'em out!


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2013-07-10 15:05:32

Bro, the rap version was excellent until the rap part hit. Drop all the effects on your voice, get a better mic, and try to rap it with a lower voice. Trust me, it'll be 10/10. The musicianship is pro. I suppose the same goes for the R&B version, although for that one sing higher

liljchosen responds:

thanks man, im gonna re-record it soon. i used the effects because i currently dont have a mic and i was eager to record to see the outcome lol. But thanks, expect to see a much improved version soon. :)