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Feeling a bit..........Chaotic.

2017-03-15 04:36:35 by liljchosen

New instrumental out guys! it's called 'Chaotic Valentine'! Hope you guys like it!

I know that everytime i post and say i'm returning, i always do the opposite. This time, something has really hit me and makes me feel a pure inspiration to continue my music and post here for everyone to enjoy. My latest instrumental posted called 'Passion' is a great example. If you listen to some of my old stuff, you can tell that i have grow alot since then. I want to make the best out of myself and my talent and i want to share it with everyone. I'll also be around more and listening to all of you guys's music as well. It's time to move forward and live!

Starting to focus

2015-12-04 13:55:55 by liljchosen

I have been off of here for so long, but I know for a fact that it's time to start focusing again. I've had many distractions lately keeping me from working on my music like i want to, but no, game on! I'm back this time for the long haul! Starting off today by uploading my newest instrumental called 'The Life'. I'm in the process of writing a song for it as well! I hope you guys enjoy it!

I'm Back!!

2015-10-12 13:16:30 by liljchosen

So guys, i know it's been a while since i've posted, there's been so many things going on and i've also kind of avoided posting things for privacy reasons but i am not back and ready to share some amazing music again!!!!

Well guys, I have some really bad news that will affect me for the rest of my life. I have recently lost my best friend Natalie Wood and I wrote this song and made this instrumental in remembrance of her. It's called "River of Life (Remember you). I just posted it up.  The song features a live tenor saxophone played by my buddy Shaquille Wright. Im gonna you so much Natalie. R.I.P. I love you.
Lyrics are on the actual video on youtube.

Just made two new video game beats! Im starting to get into the whole techno/house stuff so here are my 1st 2 tries! One of them is called Flollowing Dreams and other one, Up-Smash Premo, is Smash Bros. Inspired but comepletely original! Enjoy guys and give feedback!

Hey guys i added 4 new songs to my page. 3 of which are video game tracks (Eternal Sands, The Princess's Stars, and Mind Games) and the last one is another version of my song "Help Me!" but with a special guest featuring! Enjoy guys and give feedback!

A bag of Goodies!

2014-09-12 10:10:14 by liljchosen

Well guys, today i have uploaded several goodies today, including remasters of my old stuff, new songs, instrumentals, and updates. I hope you guys enjoy. I know people wonder, "Whhy does he post Hip Hop beats in the video games secotion?" Well this is because all of my instrumentals come from game inspirations and it is also my style to make a video game beat with a taste of hiphop. When i get back to working on gmaes, this is the kinda music that i want to be playing in them! Enjoy guys!

Hey you guys, i re-uploaded my song "Goodmorning". The 1st time i uploaded, it was bad quality so i had to fix it! So now you guys can enjoy the song with no problem. Secondly, i added 2 versions of a work in progress called "Chills" (One with percussion and one without). It's like a snowy fantasy!

I've been away for some time now due to not having any speaker or earphones to work on music, but now that i have obtained some, I've made 2 new beats! The 1st one is called "All Green" and the 2nd one is the same beat, but Super Smash Bros. characters join in on it. This one is titled "Epic Smash (All Green)". I hope you guys enjoy my new projects!